David Withington



If you don't use Social Media for your business website, you're missing out on a whole load of traffic to your website.

And possibly lots of potential customers too!

Have you ever searched for an item on the internet... then suddenly found that item displayed all over Facebook?

Do you know you can do that too?

You can get your adverts in front of people are are specifically looking for your type of product!

Let's say you're looking for a holiday and you end up on the We Are Foreign Holidays website.

Later that day, when you're checking out your friends on Facebook, there in front of you - right in the middle of Facebook - is a post...

From We Are Foreign Holidays!


Social Media Marketing


And it's advertising the holiday you were looking at only a few minutes ago!

How do they do it?

How do they know you've just been looking at their website and just may be interested in making a purchase?

It's called "Retargeting". 

Simply put, when you visited the particular holiday website page, a little piece of code was put onto your computer (a bit like those cookies everyone goes on about). 

Later on, Facebook knows when to show the We Are Foreign Holidays' post.

Of course, We Are Foreign Holidays have paid for the post - it's an advertisement.

But it's highly targeted and effective.

Cool, eh?

So if you want to target customers who are interested in your products...

And you know they are, because they've just been to your website to look at that widget you sell...

Then this could be the sort of advertising for you!

Or, instead, maybe you may simply want to reach out to a particular group...

Perhaps males between 40 and 60, earning over £50,000 per year, who live in Wigan and are interested in Jaguar cars.

You can do that too!

Facebook is fantastic for advertising to specific types of groups such as those who love Jaguar cars!

Or Mums with young children....

Or Twenties who love paragliding...

The list is almost endless!

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