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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is the art of getting your website higher in the search engine rankings.

Ideally, that's on Page 1...

...which is a challenge I enjoy!


 Search Engine Optimisation


The Big SEO Mistake

There's a big mistake which is easy to make when trying to get your website ranked in Google and the other search engines.

...and it leaves a large amount of revenue on the table.

If you're making it, don't worry.  It's easy to fix if you know some key SEO methods which you can apply.  

Turn up your speakers and watch this short video about SEO in Wigan...


Because the best SEO methods are constantly changing with Google algorithm updates, the 12 Step SEO Guide is no longer available.  However, if you want a chat about SEO, do get in touch.



How To Cruise WebsiteAny SEO Examples? 

Over to the right is HowToCruise.co.uk, a website aimed at people considering going on their first cruise.

This website I created after my wife Christine and I had celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on our very first cruise.

It's an information website, aimed at people thinking about going on their first cruise.

If you search on Google for the phrase How to Cruise or a similar term - you'll find this website on page 1.




SEO for a Successful Website Designer

A good friend of mine, Scott Jones, has a successful website design business.

But he was concerned that his own website was appearing lower in the Google search results than he would have liked.SEO Testimonial

Scott asked me for some SEO advice so he could move up the ranks.

I took a look and made some suggestions, which he implemented.

And pretty soon, his website moved towards the desired page 1 position he was looking for.

Since then, Scott has employed the services of a professional SEO expert so he can maintain a top position and apply effective SEO to each of the websites his company produces.

Which demonstrates the importance of implimenting good SEO practices at the beginning, and constantly keeping up with SEO developments.

Scott kindly wrote this testimonial for me.



More SEO Information

If you're interested in learning more about SEO, I'd recommend the Backlinko website.  It's run by an American whizzkid, Brian Dean. 

What's the price of a website?  

Obviously there are many factors to consider, but here's an article I wrote about it:  How much does a website cost?


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