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Who am I?  Who is this guy David Withington with his name plastered all over the website?

Bob Monkhouse Funny Quote

I like to think I'm funny - and try to make people laugh.

Sometimes I'm successful at that - but at other times I fail miserably!

So I don't think I'll ever reach that stage Bob Monkhouse talked about (or maybe I have!).

Eric Idle, The Philosopher

Comedy genius, Eric Idle, tells us always to "look on the bright side of life". 

And why not?  I too prefer to look on the bright side of life. 

Eric IdleIt's quite easy to be feel depressed by all the bad news.  A peek at today's tabloid newspaper will confirm that!

So instead, why not inject some good news, a positive slant, a bit of purpose... and rebalance some of that bad news constantly being thrown at us.

After all, there are so many reasons to live life with purpose, aren't there.


Husband to my gorgeous wife (certainly landed on my feet there!).

And proud Dad to two fantastic sons - who help keep my feet on planet earth... and my wallet empty!

Hey I'm a Believer

I'm a Christian believer. A friend of a guy called Jesus... but certainly not religious.

That doesn't make me perfect (haha - ask my wife about that!). Just simply forgiven.

And don't we all need a bit of that from time to time?

Do You Get Any Spare Time?

What about hobbies and interests David?

Yes, I enjoy a bit of photography - although our youngest son has probably taken over that mantle now.  He takes some crackin' pictures.

And I enjoy making websites

Anyone can make a website nowadays with all the free tools such as Wordpress at our disposal.

But the challenge of getting a purpose-made website onto Page 1 of Google is what's really satisfying.

Walking in the Lake DistrictAnd hiking - or rambling (a bit like I'm doing now, I suppose...) is another great pleasure of life. 

My wife thinks I'm mad because I enjoy a walk in the Lake District - in the wind and the rain! 

To celebrate our 50th birthdays, a friend and I walked up Scafell Pike one cold October day.  But for some reason, our wives didn't join us.  Can't think why...

A Life On The Ocean Waves

David and Christine WithingtonFor our silver wedding anniversary, Christine and I went on a cruise. 

Maybe it's an age thing - although I'm still very young at heart... 

Err no - I'm a big kid!

Whatever... from that one holiday, we fell in love with cruising. 

So I made a website all about it.


To help anyone who had never been on a cruise before to understand a bit about it.  To answer the sort of questions we'd been asking a few months previously.

Oh... and did I tell you that if you search for "how to cruise", that website is on page 1 of Google?

Anyway, we're hooked now!  And we're saving up for another cruise.

If you're interested, click here to see a few of our cruise photographs.  But if you're not interested, don't worry... I won't be offended if you don't look at them...

That's It

Anyway, that's enough about me.  There's been too much egocentric stuff already!

Take a look at some of the other pages...  or hop over to my blog, and hopefully get inspired.


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