David Withington



Caribbean Cruise 


Five or six years before our silver wedding anniversary, my wife told me she would like to go on a cruise to celebrate the event.

"Oh, and I'd like a cabin with a balcony..." she added.

Thankfully, there was enough time to start saving up.

So in March 2012, Christine and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in style, on a Caribbean cruise aboard the P&O Azura.

Click here for a small selection from the photographs we took...



Dubrovnik Photos 

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city - in the beautiful country of Croatia.

There's still some evidence of the 1990s war - which damaged many of the buildings. You'll see that in some of our photos.

Click here for a small selection from the photographs we took during our break in Croatia...






When my friend Pete rang to ask if I wanted to join him and Trev on a 2 day trip to Rome, I jumped at the chance.

Here are a few photos of the Three Amigos (to utterly confuse the cultures).

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In 2015, Christine and I went on a cruise along the Norwegian coast.

In and out of fjiords, visiting tiny villages and islands, right around the top to the Russian border.

Oh, and we saw the Northern Lights!

But as you can see, it was cold.

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Old Family Photos




Some very old family photographs. 

Starting off with my paternal Grandparents, we visit my parents' wedding and their younger days, me as a child, family holidays, aunties, uncles, cousins, and other family members.

If you're not in the album, you may find these a little boring, so I've added some music to tap your feet along to. 

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